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We are now working on new projects for 2017: Free lunch for school kids, new child sponsorships start in April (just ask for details) and we are moving further out into the mountains when the roads are passable again.

If you can send donations to our bank account please do (theres no Paypal fee)… Nepal Foundation UK / Sort code 20-45-45 / Account number 83380246.

    Children helped by the Nepal Foundation

    The Projects

    The projects we undertake aim to improve living standards, encourage development and improvements in education. Every project is undertaken working in coordination with the community, so the changes we make are sustainable and have maximum effect. Through good community relationships, developed over time, we can ensure your donations go further.

    Find our more about the projects

    The People

    We work hard to develop good relationships; to find the most worthy causes and communities that want investment, not a hand out. All the children in our sponsorship project are from lower caste families and as such have little or no chance of building a better life for themselves.

    Sponsor a child

    The Schools

    We believe in giving the next generation of Nepalese the tools to build themselves a better life. The route to achieve this is through education. By improving the schools and the situation to allow the best schooling we can offer these children a path to a better life.

    Donate towards the projects

    The Place

    The beauty of Nepals landscape, from Himilayas to the Terai lowlands, is unmissable. This beauty comes at a price, making Nepal an area volunerable to earthquakes as happened on April 25th 2015.

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