Winter Clothing Project

Thankyou to everyone who donated – you are all wonderful. Louise, Daniel, Helen, Julia, Karen, Michael, Paul, Daniel, Jenny, Gill, Steff, James, Dave, Nicola, Becky, Claire, Omar, Ross, Becky, Yvonne, Harriet and Adam! Our winter clothing program was implemented at 2 schools in the Kavre region: Janajagran (67 children) and Janajagriti (53 children).  See our project map for locations. The …

nickWinter Clothing Project

People Behind The Projects

Having written my last blog about myself, I wanted to make this next blog about the people of Nepal. The people who have so captured my imagination and warmed my heart. The devastation of the earthquake is hard for me to comprehend. The fear of losing your life or losing your loved ones in a moment at the will of …

nickPeople Behind The Projects

Don’t Delay Nepal

It has been 13 years between my two trips out here. Why has it taken so long to come back? If I’m honest I’d put it down to guilt that I had neglected the place I had once called home. Returning after my previous visit I felt, “I should help more people”, realistically I didn’t have the means to. I …

nickDon’t Delay Nepal

The village above the clouds – the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake

Having visited the village on a brief trip before, me and our ‘Man in Kathmandu’ Ram decided it would be worthwhile returning. On our last visit we brought clothes donated in the UK. With winter coming we felt there was a need for more. Plus it gave us a chance to find out more and spend some time with these …

nickThe village above the clouds – the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake

Volunteer in Nepal – kathmandu or rural village schools

Our volunteer program is now open for applicants. You could be the first to volunteer with us! We have started offering volunteers of all age and experience the chance to come to Nepal and make a real difference. Our placements are primerily teaching English to young children from age 8 to 12, but our contacts meal specialisation is an option. …

nickVolunteer in Nepal – kathmandu or rural village schools

Cheshire Man returns to Nepal to setup charity

After 13 years Nick Maycock (one of the founders of popular restaurant guide – www.onionring.co.uk) has returned to Kathmandu with the aim of helping more children in the wake of the massive earthquake six months ago. With the help of the local Brownies he filled his 30kg of baggage with over 150 items of clothing for the children. He arrived …

nickCheshire Man returns to Nepal to setup charity

A nice place to start in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is still as wonderous a place as many years ago. The city, has suffered many problems, even just now I saw a long queue for petrol as the current problems with India have caused a shortage of fuel. The people are friendly and welcoming as ever, non more so than my hosts for this trip Ram, Sarita and 12 …

nickA nice place to start in Kathmandu