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Nepal Foundation UK is a UK based charity raising funds to help improve the lives of the most needy people of Nepal. It is our belief that through education we can best achieve this.

Ram Krishna Sahi, our man on the ground in Nepal, has himself experienced many of the problems which face the children we want to help. His aim is to improve the life of those children who are now as Ram in his childhood.

“Our aim is to do such types of good things, so that the helpless children will be able to build their own career when they are grown-up. If we can fulfill our aim the same children will analyse our activities and they will also be encouraged to do something for the socially for the children. We are setting the foundations for future generations, together with the team and your support, we can achieve this goal!!”

In the UK Nick Maycock is helping to promote the project and is one of our sponsors. Nick met Ram while working Nick was a volunteer teaching English back in 2002. Since then Nick and his father Terry have sponsored a number of children. In 2015, 6 months after the earthquake, Nick returned to Kathmandu to see how else they can help.

“We hope that we can raise awareness and help more children out of poverty, giving them a chance of a better life.”

Our Aims

Objectives of the program

1. Our primary objective is to provide education to those children who are orphan, socially oppressed, socially boycotted, helpless, abandoned by their parents and helpless street children.

2. Nepal Foundation must be transparent. It must be clear to everyone involved that all money is going towards helping the children.

3. Those children who are thrown away in the street, backward in economical and educational field and specially those who are considered as “untouchable” in our society will be helped by our project. (In our society, the people performing the work of cobbler, blacksmith, tailor, sweeper, butcher etc. are considered as inferior, and untouchable- this is a an inhumanitarian practice.)

4. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. In hilly and mountain areas the standard of living is very low, they have no facilities, no transportation, no medicine or a proper education . In the towns the people have to struggle very hard for survival. To provide a support to children who live in these harsh conditions is key aim of Nepal Foundation

5. Providing a better standard of education (if the child is non-academic then skills training), through a school based center, where we can focus our efforts and meet all the demands of the children. So the children can build a better life. In this way, we believe that one day our children will have the world at their feet, protected, and not abused by social evils.

6. We want to build a generation of young professionals who have developed thanks to Nepal Foundation. Hopefully, these young men and women will get involved in Nepal Foundation to help develop future generations of successful Nepal Foundation students.

Possible long-term goal…. to setup an school
  1. Setup our own Nepal Foundation building. Our expenses (tuiton fees) will be cut and we can offer more for the well-being of the children.
  2. Establish a school, in the Nepal Foundation building, for nursery to class five (first phase).
  3. Provide job skill training to non-academic children, so that they will become productive, self supporting and independent.
  4. Establish other branches of Nepal Foundation in the different parts of the Kingdom.
  5. Establish an educational center for the future generations of needy children.
All the children we help in the project are from lower caste families and as such have little or no chance of building a better life for themselves. Many do not attend school as their families cannot afford it. Instead they help to earn money for food.All the children we now have sponsored are performing very well in school. They are driven to do well as they realise that they have been blessed with a very special opportunity.
Meet Anil


Name: Anil
Address: Near Katmandu, Nepal
Age:    7 years old.
Current Education: No previous schooling.

Details: Anil is the second son of Sunita and Raju. He has one older brother Sunil. His parents have not sent him to school yet because they can’t afford it. They are homeless and own no land. They live in a small room which they rent, where all four family members stay and cook. His father, Raju often falls sick, and is physically weak.  He tries to get work on a daily basis as a porter. Sometimes he gets work and sometimes not. His mother sometimes gets work washing the clothes and dishes of the neighbours.

Current situation: Anil is now sponsored by Terry Maycock, Nick’s father. He is performing well in school, and is often top of the class. Terry gets annual reports from the school along with drawings and letters from Anil.

The Projects

Based around development and improvements in livelihood, we are involved in a number of projects ranging from buying goats for a family to get them an income, building new school buildings, offering free school lunches, sponsoring individual children as well as less tangible things such as offering advice in farming (perhaps certain crops grow better) and career advice to ensure talented children can achieve more. Where ever our time and money can be used to help, this is where they will be applied.

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