Winter Clothing Project – December 2016

We are running this Winter Clothing Project in two schools. The graphic shows 32 children from the first school in the Kavre region. See our project map for locations. The graphic we used for the promotion was simple representation of the project, so here I will explain the full detail and costs. We thought the fleeces would be better as …

nickWinter Clothing Project – December 2016

Kuber Tole is Poultry Farming

So, in Kuber Tole we now have… A village committee mangaging the water supply New poultry farmers supplying the Kathmandu market This is bringing men back to the village to work (coming back from slave like conditions in UAE countries). Overall the goal is to bring wealth and an improvement in living standards – things that will follow soon. NEXT …

nickKuber Tole is Poultry Farming

A year on from the earthquake

Much has changed in Nepal, and in the villages where we are working to help improve the lives of those who lost the most, and are most in need of help. Ram has written a little more about what it means to him 12 months after his world was turned upside down by these events… One of the most-tragic and …

nickA year on from the earthquake

Winter Clothing donated by Kaymu

We are delighted to have teamed up with Kaymu (Nepal’s largest ecommerce platform ) and to donate clothing at Janajagriti School and Ram Pu village. As the temperature drops below zero, living in a house made from tin can be unbearable. No escape from the cold. This simple project provides a simple solution keeping the people a little warmer. The …

nickWinter Clothing donated by Kaymu

The Cracks Run Deep

In the aftermath of the earthquake the Kavre region did not hit the headlines as much as its neighboring Sindhupalchowk region – it is smaller and the death toll here less. But the Kavre region and the Tamang people who live here have been hit so very hard. Despite this the response from the large charities and government has been …

nickThe Cracks Run Deep

Winter Clothing Project

Thankyou to everyone who donated – you are all wonderful. Louise, Daniel, Helen, Julia, Karen, Michael, Paul, Daniel, Jenny, Gill, Steff, James, Dave, Nicola, Becky, Claire, Omar, Ross, Becky, Yvonne, Harriet and Adam! Our winter clothing program was implemented at 2 schools in the Kavre region: Janajagran (67 children) and Janajagriti (53 children).  See our project map for locations. The …

nickWinter Clothing Project

Don’t Delay Nepal

It has been 13 years between my two trips out here. Why has it taken so long to come back? If I’m honest I’d put it down to guilt that I had neglected the place I had once called home. Returning after my previous visit I felt, “I should help more people”, realistically I didn’t have the means to. I …

nickDon’t Delay Nepal