100% of what you donate is spent on the ground.

We will make sure your donation goes to projects on the ground (all our costs are paid by our main sponsor). We will feedback to you the outcome of our projects.

If you can send donations to our account please do (theres no Paypal fee)… Nepal Foundation UK / Sort code 20-45-45 / Account number 83380246


For a monthly recurring payment please use this button…

General donations go towards what we believe to be the most needy case at the time. This can be water filters to provide clean drinking water, clothing or stationary to larger projects like improving irrigation or water systems. In all our projects we look to encourage community help and backing to ensure it is not a one off hand out but a lift up, always encouraging a brighter future for the communities.

We would love for you come to Nepal, see the schools and projects for yourself and direct your donation as you best see fit. If this is not possible we can help you find the perfect project for your contribution. You can expect all the funds to go to the project on the ground, and we will document progress, not just initially but also on into the future so you can see the sustainable change you have made.
Projects / Fundraisers completed:
New toilet block at Janajagran School
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