Through sponsorship you are committing to change someones life!
We offer 2 sponsorship programs: child sponsorship or school lunches.

Project: Child Sponsorship

Brief: Sponsor a child to attend a good school and receive a meal, all books, stationary and a full uniform to wear. (We ask for a full commitment to the childs education – upto leaving school)

Cost: £150 – £230 (depending on the school attended)


  • Through education the child can build themselves a better life
  • To feed, keep warm and clean.
  • To bring the child and their family out of poverty
  • To give the child and then their future children a life free from struggle, happy and with huge possibility and potential.
  • To break the old class system and instead offering full social mobility


  • The children we have sponsored we have found work harder than most of the class – they understand they have been given a great opportunity.
  • As they become adults we will encourage them to be ambassadors for the program and to help the development of the next generationsirje-2015

Case study:

In November 2015 we were delighted to meet with Sirje again. He is still a shy boy from the village, not as bold as the city people. Despite his shyness he holds himself well and has a keenness to his glance. Ram explains he had completed the education and was now in work and funding his own further education in “Hotel Management”. Both were going well.

Sirje spoke good English so he had a job in a shopping mall, without English he would not have got the job as he serves many westerners. As much as the job was going well there was something greater on the horizon. Ram had spotted an advert for scholarship in a Malaysian university and encouraged Sirje to apply. Together they filled out the forms, today it is 90% from completion and Sirje may be leaving in January for Kuala Lumper.

photo9This could prove a massive turning point in his life, with so many new doors opening in front of him. A chance to learn more and to travel too!

It is a long way from his starting place. We visited him and his family 13 years ago. They lived in one room in a rural village. Here the whole family of four slept – it was the kitchen, dining, lounge and bedroom in this one tiny room (view video of a similar house). He was proud to show off his homework and books. Nick and his father became his sponsor.

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