A nice place to start in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is still as wonderous a place as many years ago. The city, has suffered many problems, even just now I saw a long queue for petrol as the current problems with India have caused a shortage of fuel.
The people are friendly and welcoming as ever, non more so than my hosts for this trip Ram, Sarita and 12 years old Roshan.
On my first day with Ram we enjoyed a walk through the city. After finding a nice rooftop cafe I had a long chat with Ram. We covered every subject it seemed, politics, wealth, capitalism, education and charity. Its clear Rams views are similar to mine in many, that were possible we should give a hand up for those at the bottom. Give people a chance to build a better life. You can only start to think about finding happyness in your life once you first have the basics for life ie once you no longer live in poverty.
In this trip my program will be to meet some of the children me and my father started sponsoring 12 years ago. 2 have ended their sponsorship and they now have moved onto working and university.

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nickA nice place to start in Kathmandu

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