Volunteer in Nepal – kathmandu or rural village schools

Our volunteer program is now open for applicants. You could be the first to volunteer with us!

We have started offering volunteers of all age and experience the chance to come to Nepal and make a real difference. Our placements are primerily teaching English to young children from age 8 to 12, but our contacts meal specialisation is an option.

We started the voluntary placements as we believe we can offer a better alternative to some “Gap year” and voluntary schemes.

Nick says, “I came out 13 years ago, it was an amazing experience. Looking back now it was clear that the £2000 i raised wasnt spent on the school i was teaching in. In fact a lot of that money never made it into Nepal and was instead taken by the company organising my trip.”

With this experience in mind Nepal Foundation pledge to ensure all of what you raise is directed to the school and projects that you want. We want to be transparent in this. So your trip will jave the greatest benefit!

If you are interested in coming out please get in touch. We believe with your help we can build a brighter future for many more children!!

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nickVolunteer in Nepal – kathmandu or rural village schools

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