The gift of your time is possibly the best way to help.

We offer a voluntary placement with a difference. Yes, we will put you in a school much in need of your help and we will house you with a family in that school. You can raise as much or as little as you like, bring that money with you and spend it directly on the projects that you think will be of most benefit.vt-2-160

Many gap year projects / organisations will charge upto and over £2000 for a similar experience. Much of these funds are often taken by the companies organising them and not invested into schools or communities that need them. We can offer a better alternative – you bring the money, and with Ram’s help spend it on the projects you both feel are best for the community. You will see the money you raised having an effect on the people you will be living with.

We offer full support for you. Ram has looked after dozens of volunteers over 20 years of work as an organiser. Ram will meet you at the airport, and take you into his home (or to your hotel if you prefer). He will give you coordination and some basic Nepali lessons. After a few days in Kathmandu, and when you feel ready, you will be taken out to a rural mountain village. Where a family will be awaiting your arrival. Life in the village will be modest but you will have all the facilities you need and our support at all times.

We ask you to teach English in the school. You don’t need a degree to do so, the children will guide you. Just by you being a teacher there are many benefits to the school: higher attendance, other teachers can learn your good habits, more funds for school projects, improved English for the whole community, plus there would be a feeling that the whole world had not forgotten about this community.

This is the ideal time to come to Nepal. We hope you get in touch with any questions and hoep to start planning what will be the most amazing experience of your life!

Call Nick in the UK on 07769723455 or 01925 450640 (9am-5pm)
Email us [email protected]

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