Winter Clothing donated by Kaymu

We are delighted to have teamed up with Kaymu (Nepal’s largest ecommerce platform ) and to donate clothing at Janajagriti School and Ram Pu village.

As the temperature drops below zero, living in a house made from tin can be unbearable. No escape from the cold. This simple project provides a simple solution keeping the people a little warmer.

The Kaymu team contributed and collected funds to bring 50 fleeces and 50 blankets to help keep these people warm. Nepal Foundation were able to facilitate their donation – taking the Kaymu team to the school to donate the fleeces and upto Ram Pu village to distribute blankets to 50 of the poorest people living there.

They say charity should start at home so for Nepal Foundation it is great to have a Nepalese company supporting us in achieving our goals. It is hopefully a relationship that we can grow over the coming years.

Your donations help to make these things happen. Enabling these projects to take place. Please donate and we will ensure your money goes as far as it can to achieve the most benefits. CLICK HERE

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nickWinter Clothing donated by Kaymu

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