Winter Clothing Project

Thankyou to everyone who donated – you are all wonderful.

Louise, Daniel, Helen, Julia, Karen, Michael, Paul, Daniel, Jenny, Gill, Steff, James, Dave, Nicola, Becky, Claire, Omar, Ross, Becky, Yvonne, Harriet and Adam!

Our winter clothing program was implemented at 2 schools in the Kavre region: Janajagran (67 children) and Janajagriti (53 children).  See our project map for locations.

The graphic we used for the promotion was simple representation of the project, so here I will explain the full detail and costs.

120 winter clothing pack costs (see pink receipt): Hats 10000 NPR (in Nepal the 1 looks like a 9!), Jumpers 54,000 NPR & Gloves 7800 NPR = 71800 NPR. Cost of these in GBP is £447.34. Working out at £3.73 per outfit.

Our graphical representation shows 88 squares, in fact we brought 120 outfits. Each square was £5. Raising £440. So, infact your £5 donation brought 1.34 outfits!

Overall the project was a great success. With all the permanent houses destroyed and everyone living in tin houses with lots of holes/gaps in them it will get very cold over the next couple of months. This will give the children some warmth and comfort.

Along with the clothes we discussed and gave out our “Code of Conduct”. The idea being that we didn’t want to just give a hand-out, we wanted the villagers and community to do something too – developing a partnership. These were things they could do to improve the village and improve their health and the environment at no cost to them. The last one, you may think strange – the people here dont say “thankyou”, they believe that “it is written” so it would have happened and no need to thank. We think its always nice to say “thankyou”.

Next time though, we might have to do smaller amounts unless we can get access to a car – I could barely carry the outfits to the taxi!!

Other costs (paid by main donor): 5000 NPR for taxi from KTM to Zero Kilo. Bus back 300 NPR. “Code of conduct” print 300 NPR for 400 copies. Equals about £38 Plus… Rams wages & petrol.

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